Pooja Mandir that You Must Have at Your Home

Are you looking for various design Pooja Mandir for your sweet Home? But don’t know what correctly are you looking for? Not to worry, we are going to share you our latest designed wooden temple that we have to pick to decorate your home. We are a leading manufacturer of Wooden temple for home in USA. Our designs are unique and our handcrafted artist have years of experience designing wooden doors and temples.

In today’s time, every Hindu household has space for worshipping the gods and goddesses. It is very important that you buy beautifully decorated Pooja mandir for a home that brings better luck, peace, and prosperity. People like to install medium, small even a large temple in their home. Here we would like to share some pictures that will be suitable to most of the audience requirements.

Wooden Swaminarayan Mandir

For all the Lord Swaminarayan Devotees we have designed large size carved temple with handmade designed, that is completely different that is available in the market. It will surely give you a feeling that you are in the temple. I would love to recommend this temple for lord Swaminarayan devotees.

Pruthvi Handicraft

Wooden Multicolor Temple for home

That’s one of our beautifully carved wooden temple that will be most suitable for lord Swaminarayan, Lord Krishna, Lord Ram. The handcrafted design makes this temple special. I am sure that will be most suitable to your home. Puja mandir is completely designed for home puja. It is for a home that can be an idol memento presenting Indian culture and Hindu religion.

In today’s time at most of the places such as hospital, school, colleges, and institutions or at a workplace every Indian keep wooden Pooja Mandir. Each Indian has its place of devoting god and goddess. Puja mandir permits favourableness and peace at home. It is very important in our daily life, so we can’t put it anywhere, we have to put it as per the Astrology and Vastu.

That Astrology and Vastu is said that the correct placement of a puja mandir in a home or any other places, if you put it in the wrong place, also affects the people around them. Temple at home means it is a more auspicious place to worship the God or Goddess. It is also considered as a temple, it should always be in the East-West direction. When you place it as per the Vastu and Astrology it brings good health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness at home.

At Pruthvi Handicraft we make sure that all our manufactured wooden home temples are made under the proper guidelines and crated with a different designs. Feel free to contact us for more information if you are willing to buy a wooden temple for your home.


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